Telegram of Condolence to Head of McIntyre Local Union 
on Deaths of Seven McIntyre Miners on June 30, 1941

The June 30, 1941, McIntyre mine explosion killed seven workers and injured seventeen others. Additional reported McIntyre fatal mine accidents included four men killed in a rock fall on March 27, 1929, and three miners killed on November 19, 1931, also in a rock fall. Explosions, cave-ins, rock falls, and other hazards were part of the miners' work environment. Long term miners were subjected to high concentrations of coal dust  and a number of them developed black lung disease. The bituminous mine inspectors issued a report of findings and recommendations  to the Secretary of Mines, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, on July 17, 1941. In the report's conclusion, blame for the accident was placed on the mine foreman and his assistant. 


Document: courtesy Archives Department, United Mine Workers of America,
District #2 Papers, Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Bituminous Mine Inspectors Report, Report of Explosion, Kent No. 2 Mine, Rochester and 
Pittsburgh Coal Company, McIntyre, Young Township, Indiana County, June 30, 1941, and July 17, 1941.

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