McIntyre School, Junior Commando Card, 1943

During World War II, students were encouraged to collect tin cans, hardened cooking fat, and milkweed pods for the war effort. Pods were used in life preservers and children received twenty cents per bag. Children were also encouraged to grow vegetables in a special section of their family's Victory Garden. Defense stamps were sold to students on Fridays at ten cents each. In McIntyre, as in other schools in Indiana County, students were given "Junior Commando" cards such as this one. The more tin, fat, and pods the child collected, the higher in rank he or she rose. The service record on the reverse side of the card indicates that this particular student rose from rank of "private" to "corporal" to "sergeant" to "lieutenant," and then to "captain" within a year!

Document: courtesy Ed Setlock family collection 

Clarence D. Stephenson, Indiana County, 175th Anniversary History
,  vols. 2  
(Indiana, Pennsylvania: Halldin Publishing, Company, 1989), 556.      

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