Document Conveying the "Jacksonville Field" Lands 
from M.W. Saxman to Coal Company, 1905

A set of parcels of land totaling about 4,000 acres and referred to as the "Jacksonville Field" was sold by H. Barclay McIntire to M.W. Saxman for the sum of $200,000. McIntire was a local merchant, coal speculator and namesake of the town of McIntyre. 

As indicated on the bottom of this document, the deed to the sale of these lands was first held by the Kent Coal Company and then by the Jefferson and Clearfield Coal and Iron Company. Both of these companies were subsidiaries of the Rochester and Pittsburgh Coal Company. Upon these lands would be built the towns of McIntyre, Aultman, and other nearby coal mining communities.   











Document: courtesy of Archives Department, Rochester and Pittsburgh 
Coal Company Records, Indiana University of Pennsylvania. 

Clarence D. Stephenson, Indiana County, 175th Anniversary History, vol. 2 
(Indiana, Pennsylvania: Halldin Publishing Company, 1989
), 193.

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