Memories of Church and Religion

"That was a big thing, everybody goes to church on Sunday." Mrs. P., born 1920

  • "This girl was in my class in high school I don’t know how many years and I don’t think she would have been allowed to date me. See, she was Catholic and I wasn"t." Mr. S., born 1920

  • "My Dad never went to church, he was against organized religion but we went to church when we was smaller. That was a big thing, everybody goes to church on Sunday." Mrs. P., born 1920

  • "The Protestants had a little building in which they held some kind of meetings in. Somebody complained to the Coal Company so they built this little building. It was a two-room building, a long room and a short room. I guess they could hold Sunday school classes. Anyway when they opened it why the priest was there peeking in the window to see if he was losing any of his people. They [the Protestants] still went down to attend the other churches in Kent. The Catholics out numbered the Protestants about 5 to 1. " Mr. S., born 1920

  • "There were two churches side by side in Kent which we then called Jacksonville. Ours was just a regular Presbyterian Church that we attended but up towards the top of the hill was the United Presbyterian Church and I don’t know what the difference was religion-wise but never the twains shall meet." Mr. D., born 1923

  • "The ladies auxiliary used to have cake contests and dinners and they would sell chances and give the money to the church and things like that." Mrs. P., born 1920

  • "When we lived in McIntyre, we attended the Presbyterian Church in Kent and mother and dad were very active in the church. Dad was a trustee and later an rlder. Mother belonged to the Presbyterian women’s group dad occasionally referred to as the 'ladies of the skillet.' They did good work and met once a month at different houses and had a good time together." Mr. D., born 1923

  • "The priest's job was to keep the workers happy, to smooth things over so the Coal Company could exploit the people." Mr. S., born 1920


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