McIntyre Mine Explosion Memorial Dedication to Seven Miners

A couple of years after the June 30, 1941, mine explosion in which seven  McIntyre miners were killed, a town memorial shaft was dedicated to them. Mine and union officials stand on the porch of the building. A Sousaphone player can be seen in the lower center of the photo. The memorial was paid for by contributions from town residents and from the Rochester and Pittsburgh Coal Company. For a number of years the memorial stood in front of the old Union Hall in McIntyre. Part of the memorial shaft can be been at the extreme left hand side of this page. The memorial is now located several miles away in front of the current Union Hall. The 1941 McIntyre mine disaster was the worst mining disaster in twenty-five years in Indiana County.  


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(Indiana, Pennsylvania: Halldin Publishing, Company, ), 478.         

Photo: courtesy of Indiana Gazette, Indiana, Pennsylvania.

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