Union Parade Rally In McIntyre, 1931

Striking miners from Sagamore, Yatesboro, and other towns tried to gain support from McIntyre miners by staging a parade and rally in McIntyre on July 16, 1931. These towns were not Rochester and Pittsburgh Coal Company towns; however, the Coal Company felt sufficiently threatened to request an injunction. The injunction was granted and issued by Jonathan Langham, an Indiana County judge known for his anti-union and pro-coal sentiments.

According to this article, which appeared on the first page of the newspaper, over 500 miners from various towns took part in the peaceful rally. The newspaper, the Indiana Evening Gazette (currently called the Indiana Gazette) was a Republican- backed publication and pro-business in outlook. Notice the choice of the inflammatory word "invaded" in the first sentence of the article. 
















Article: courtesy Indiana Gazette, Indiana, Pennsylvania 

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