Former Grocery Store

The company store, which was owned and run by the Coal Company, dominated the retail life of the town. However, there were a number of small privately owned businesses in town. This former McIntyre privately owned grocery, now a private residence, sold canned goods, meats, furniture, clothing, and other items. Extending credit to town residents was a frequent practice for businesses such as this one.  

During the period 1910-1947, other privately owned businesses existed. Some residents remember: a horse and wagon from which cheese, fish, fruit, salami, and other goods were sold; a number of bars and speakeasies; movie theatres and dance halls; barber shops; a Chevy dealership; gas station; candy stores and other assorted shops, many of which were home based. A few older residents remember an itinerant medicine man who would sell "medicine" laced with alcohol. Also, according to an older resident, during the very early years of the town, there may have been a Jewish merchant living in McIntyre who owned a dry goods store. No one can remember any African-American residents. 

Photo: courtesy Kevin Trenney collection.

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