Company House

The Hyde-Murphy Company of Ridgway, Pennsylvania, built many houses for the Coal Company such as this abandoned one in McIntyre. Some houses were moved to McIntyre by train from Soldier, a defunct Coal Company town in Jefferson County, Pennsylvania. A local contractor, P. J. McGovern, was also awarded a contract from the Coal Company in 1910 for the building of additional company houses in and around McIntyre.

This photo is an example of a single-style house.
It had two bedrooms on the second floor and three rooms on the first floor which included a shed kitchen that can be seen at the extreme right hand side of the photo. It also had a root cellar where meats, fruits, and vegetables canned by the housewife were stored. Although space was limited and families sometimes large, a number of families took in boarders for extra income. By 1928 McIntyre had grown to 55 double and 17 single houses.

Photo: collection of the author.

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